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The new exhibition presents the results of a unique collaboration with an influential voice of Italian Graphic Design, Armando Milani, and in addition, narrates the three souls of Tapis Rouge: the classic inspiration, the research in the contemporary, and the courage of experimentation.

The Inganni Spaziali collection celebrates the freedom of expression and the courage of experimentation of the 1960s-1970s, presenting four rugs that are the result of research work in Designer Armando Milani’s archive, a large-scale transposition of analog works designed for well-known brands, magazines, and pharmaceutical companies. 

The carpets in Tapis Rouge’s new collection Inganni Spaziali reproduce the imagery of Graphic Designer Armando Milani; they are metaphors for emotional landscapes, objects that, in their finished space, become three-dimensional and boundless.

To complete the space, on-view a selection of products that tell the different souls of the brand, between classically inspired rugs and contemporary designs.

The Modern Classics and the Per Sempre collection draw inspiration from traditional patterns and craftsmanship; the first incorporates ancient motifs and revisits them with contemporary touches in the finishes; ancient embroideries inspire the second and reinterprets them using a modern visual language. The two collections share a common practice of innovative design.

Atelier Tapis Rouge Showroom 
is open from 10 am to 7 pm
Entrance from Via Del’Annunciata 33, 
Brera Design District
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